NewBe consists of a growing team of around 40 people, with a core team of 10 and a flexible layer of freelancers on productions. We are always looking for new talent, so do not hesitate to contact us (apart from the current vacancies below)!

  • Jeroen Koopman

    Creative Producer

  • Tarik Traidia

    Creative Director

  • Mo├»se Emonts

    Head of Productions

  • Lisa Visser

    Head of Fiction

  • Ernst Gonlag

    Head of Development

  • Sylvie van der Loop

    Marketing & Sales manager

  • Stef Dol

    New Business Development

  • Ranish Chedi

    Head of Finance

  • Maurits Spijkerman

    Creative Producer

  • Deborah Bronsveld

    Production Manager

  • Anna Ruiter

    Accountmanager content partnerships

  • Thomas Smagge

    Content Creator

  • Peter v/d Werve

    Technical Producer

  • Jeffrey de Vore


  • Erwin van de Eshof


  • Christy van de Riet

    Junior Producer

  • Frank Coenen

    Production Manager Urbex

  • David Sapulete

    Production Manager Urbex

  • Bregje Houthoff

    Producer Urbex

  • Mars Eijlders

    Media Consultant Urbex

  • Casper Brasser

    Editor in Chief Urbex

  • Pien Koppe

    Editor Urbex

  • Sari Jacobs

    Editor Urbex

  • Bart Willemse

    Executive Producer Misfit Germany

  • Tom Oud

    Cameraman/Editor FIRST

  • Quinton Dallie

    Editor FIRST

  • Britt Daniels

    Editorial Producer

  • Bo Schakenraad

    Editorial Producer FIRST

  • Saijah van Gurp

    Editorial Producer FIRST

  • Romy Stoop

    Production Intern Urbex

  • Nienke Konings

    Editorial Producer Intern Urbex

  • Rosita Escamilla

    Editorial Producer intern FIRST

  • Charlie

    Head of Joy

  • Catootje

    Head of Destroy

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