NewBe consists of a growing team of around 40 people, with a core team of 20 and a flexible layer of freelancers on productions. We are always looking for new talent, so do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Jeroen Koopman

    Founder / CEO

  • Marianne Kuiper


  • Tarik Traidia

    Creative Director / Partner

  • Moïse Emonts

    COO / Partner

  • Laura Veenema

    Creative Director / Partner

  • Nicole van Leijen

    Head of Production - Non-Fiction

  • Joep Weel

    Head of legal & business affairs

  • Maurits Spijkerman-Jansen

    Creative Producer / Partner

  • Anjali Taneja

    Creative producer

  • Cosmo de Vos

    Creative Producer

  • Hans Heerschop

    Head of Production - Fiction

  • Donna Elstak

    Executive Assistant / Office manager

  • Kim Kusters

    Production Manager

  • Rutger van Hesteren

    Production Manager

  • Julia Dijkstra

    Senior Producer

  • Ingeborg van Broekhoven

    Junior Producer

  • Danah Muller

    Productie Coördinator Fictie

  • Britney Zaaijer

    Productie Assistent

  • Sergio Musson

    Media Stagiair

  • Mark Leene

    Director / Creative

  • Martijn Smits


  • Erwin van de Eshof


  • Jeffrey de Vore