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Giro555 [2015]

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On the 25th of April, 2015, Nepal was hit by a terrible earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8M. Dozens of people lost their belongings and loved ones, and even more lost access to basic needs as clean drinking water, food, and shelter. 

Besides using traditional media to raise awareness, Giro555 wanted to experiment in reaching the new ‘internet’ audience. Giro555 collaborated with NewBe to launch the new platform ‘views for Nepal’. The concept: help Nepal by just watching a video. YouTube creators could link their videos to the platform by using #NLhelpsNepal. Using this hashtag automatically linked the video to the platform, and made large scale cross-promotion possible between creators who also used this hashtag. There was one catch: for every 1.000 views a video using #NLhelpsNepal got, the creator needed to donate € 1,- to Nepal (Giro555). This way, viewers could help Nepal by just watching, and spreading the videos.

Additionally, NewBe and Giro555 also collaborated with popular YouTube creators to raise awareness. For instance, we sent the Dutch YouTubers from StukTV (650.000+ subscribers) to Nepal to witness the chaos themselves, and report on it.

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