Netflix [2021]

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The Misfits are heading for a crazy year! The group of friends is working on a super cool musical.
Together they create the music, make up the choreographies and give each squad a role. This musical is going to be fantastic! Unless someone bans it. And that's exactly what happened.

Under the new school principal Agnes' leadership, Hoogland College is transformed into a "high-performance school" focusing on discipline, high grades and studying. That means no more squads. No dance. No music. And certainly not a musical! If you refuse following the rules, you can pack your things, and it's an exit for you.
But Julia (Djamila) does not stop there. Together with the Misfits and new friends, they secretly work on the musical to sabotage the new school regime. Will the group of friends manage to perform their dream musical and get their school back?

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