Max & Billy's Drill Machine Girl 

EYE [2013]

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‘Max & Billy’s Drill Machine Girl’ is a crossmedial campaign, ranging over different platforms: a dramaseries which pulls the viewer in, and an interactive platform that gives the entertainment an educative layer, and a filmfestival that literally makes the viewer part of the campaign. The series is about two amateur filmmakers who set out to create the coolest horrormovie ever created.

The film Max and Billy create in the series, is made into an actual film, with a premiere on the Dutch Film Festival, and it’s very own TV-release on the Dutch channel Veronica. To tie it all together we’ve also created the film festival from the series. Viewers could compete against Max & Billy by sending in their films. The festival, hosted for the very first time, was not only sold out, but also spawned over 50 viewer-created shortfilms.
NewBeTV was responsible for the development of the campaign, and the development and production of the dramaseries.

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