Like Monica - Season 2

Videoland [2021]

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A sequel to the first successful reality series 'Like Monica'! After an eventful period including a break-up, blossoming love, full-time motherhood, and a packed agenda (as we saw in season 1), a new phase has begun.

Monica is still madly in love with her boyfriend Robbert, and together they buy their dream house. Daughter Zara-Lizzy is now almost three years old and has developed a strong will. Monica thinks motherhood is getting tougher - how does she combine everything in her fully-packed agenda? After all, Monica is also a businesswoman who is expanding her brand and empire. She starts her own company with manager Stanley to realize her big dream; her own cosmetics and lifestyle line. In addition, this year she is once again one of the hosts for the successful show 'Temptation Island', and has several collaborations with major brands. In short: every reason for a new season 'Like Monica'!

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