Heartbreak High

Netflix [2022]

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In the 1990s, Heartbreak High was the gritty, youthful, must-see teen drama series watched by over 10 million viewers worldwide in over 30 countries. Set in the fictional inner-city Sydney school Hartley High, it tackled everything from sex, drugs and crime, to multiculturalism, racism and growing up, all with an unflinching realism that made it a cult institution.

NewBe has been working on reviving this childhood gem. We're beyond proud to officially announce that we're making it happen! A reboot is in the making, set for a global debut on Netflix, September 14th 2022.

Together with our partner FremantleMedia Australia, we'll be producing a reboot of the series for Netflix. New characters, new cast, new storylines, new era. The series will be set and shot in a Sydney high school, and tackle the young adult issues of the modern times. A fresh, new cast will bring to life with realism and honesty the stories that matter most to young adults today, and 2022’s Heartbreak High Reboot will deliver. Unmissable drama for a whole new generation.

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