Bardo's Filmgebeuren

EYE [2015]

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Bardo’s Movie Thingy is an interactive YouTube-series, in which we follow Dutch YouTube-phenomenon Bardo Ellens (+250.000 subscribers) as he creates his first feature film, and everything that comes with making a movie! His viewers could decide about everything: the script, the cast, the make-up, the title, and even Bardo’s one-liners.

Every episode contained more than just entertainment. The special platform used for the voting gave every episode an extra educative layer. Together with a different guest YouTuber every episode, they meet up with movie professionals, fulfill challenges, and gives the creative options to his viewers. We’ve created a movie, and in the process not only HE learned how a movie is made, but all of his 400.000 viewers along with him.

And at the end of the series the actual movie (‘Guys Night’) had a big premiere at movie museum EYE in Amsterdam.

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