Welcome to NewBe.

NewBe is a talent-first, on-demand specialized production company developing and producing films and series mostly for SVOD platforms. We are the only Dutch production company with original films or series on all major platforms (Netflix, Amazon, Videoland, YouTube).

In case you have a lot of time or exceptional interest in NewBe, below the full corporate story:

NewBe creates impactful IP for the digital content era. Our expertise lies in developing and producing optimistic - and humorous - original films, formats and series (scripted and non-scripted) for today’s young viewers, ages 6-12, 13-19 and 20-34.

Innovation is at our core. It’s a philosophy that drives our success across platforms, including SVOD, AVOD, TVOD. 

NewBe's first feature film, MISFIT, became the third highest-grossing Dutch feature film of 2017 and continues to be a trending title on Netflix. The trailer for the scripted teen comedy has accumulated the most views ever for a Dutch film. We are currently producing a remake of the film for German cinemas. 

To reach the top of every distribution platform is always our primary goal. It’s why marketing is key to our creative content development. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with top YouTubers and other online talent throughout the development phase to ensure each project finds its target audience.

Based in Amsterdam, NewBe is ranked among the top 100 fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands (FD Gazellen 2017) and recognized as a champion of the Dutch creative sector (Dutch Financial Times). Our clients include RTL, Ziggo, KPN, Insight, YouTube and Netflix.