NewBe is fully focusing on the creative development and production of formats for all platforms: (S)VOD, linear TV, YouTube, online TV and Cinema. We are a company with a young state of mind, an unconventional approach and a vast determination to get the job done.

NewBe productions have a common ground; overstepping the boundaries of genres and platforms. It’s always original, never traditional. It’s about the next best thing, not last day's news. And it’s forward thinking in possibilities, and not in… well, we don’t even want to think about that. Humor is a vital part of many of our productions... that's the only thing we're dead serious about! 

Although we serve a broad public, most of our content is targeted at younger audiences (8-14, 13-19 and 20-34). We are the fastest growing Dutch production company and have become the largest TV production company that doesn't focus on merely linear TV. We see online and TV as one world, not something to make a distinction in. NewBe productions are split into a fiction and a non-fiction department.