Ziggo [2015]

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#First is a daily live show, interacting with the young audience, exclusively broadcasted on Ziggo Channel 13. In December 2016 #First existed one year and made up until then around 225 live shows, got 600.000+ chat messages from viewers every week and had about 200k viewers in the target audience. In the new season (2017) #First will not only make daily live television, but also a weekly YouTube on demand show.

#FIRST is live, every day, at 16.30-18.00 on Ziggo Channel 13. #FIRST focuses on the latest developments in the field of entertainment, games, Youtube and online hot topics. Beside the regular hosts like Thomas Smagge, Veras Fawaz, George Chvojka, YousToub, Qucee, KingAlert en Gentle Jane, #FIRST also receives many famous stars: Giel Beelen, Arjen Lubach, Ismail Ilgun (the hood-vlogger), Sophie Milzink, Fresku, MeisjeDjamila and Defano Holwijn.

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